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What to Expect in a Newborn Photography Session

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a momentous occasion, one that parents want to cherish forever. Baby pictures serve as timeless reminders of just how precious those early days are. When it comes to capturing these fleeting moments, Kelly Saxon Photography, a well-known Murfreesboro, TN-based newborn photographer, stands out among the best in the field. With their expertise and safety-certified techniques, expect nothing short of a magical newborn photography session. In this blog, we will delve into what you can anticipate during your session with Kelly Saxon Photography, the voted best newborn photographer in Nashville, TN.

1. Preparing for the Session:

A successful newborn photography session often begins with adequate preparation. Kelly Saxon Photography ensures that you are equipped with all the necessary information to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. You can expect detailed guidance on scheduling, choosing the perfect outfits, and tips for a well-rested baby before the shoot. This preparation sets the stage for creating meaningful and beautiful photographs.

2. A Creative and Warm Studio Environment:

When you arrive at Kelly Saxon Photography's studio, you will be welcomed into a comforting and cozy setting designed specifically to cater to the needs of newborns. The studio is meticulously arranged to create a serene atmosphere, helping your little one feel calm and comfortable. Soft lighting, soothing music, and temperature control contribute to the perfect ambiance for capturing those enchanting images.

3. Expertise in Newborn Posing and Safety:

Safety is of utmost importance during a newborn photography session, and Kelly Saxon Photography takes this responsibility seriously. As a safety-certified professional in newborn posing, they handle your baby with the utmost care and attention. Your photographer will employ safe posing techniques, ensuring your newborn is supported and comfortable throughout the entire shoot.

4. Patience and Flexibility:

Newborns have their own schedule, and understanding this is key to a successful session. Kelly Saxon Photography's experience and patience allow them to adapt to your baby's needs, whether it's a feeding break or a moment of discomfort. They know how to create a relaxed environment that encourages your newborn to shine, capturing their unique personality and innocence with each click of the camera.

5. Attention to Detail:

Kelly Saxon Photography's dedication to capturing precious moments extends to the smallest details. From tiny fingers and toes to adorable facial expressions, every aspect of your newborn is carefully documented. The photographers have a keen eye for capturing those fleeting moments that often go unnoticed, providing you with a treasure trove of memories that will be cherished for years to come.

6. Variety of Poses and Setups:

During the session, Kelly Saxon Photography will guide you through a variety of poses and setups guaranteed to produce a diverse collection of images. Whether it's capturing your baby in an adorable prop or nestled in a soft blanket, the photographer's creativity will shine through, resulting in a collection of photographs that truly showcase your newborn's unique beauty.

7. Including Parents and Siblings:

Newborn photography is not just about capturing the baby; it's about celebrating the entire family. Kelly Saxon Photography understands the importance of including parents and siblings in the session. They will guide you through poses and interactions that showcase the love and connection within your family, resulting in stunning portraits that encapsulate this special chapter of your lives.


A newborn photography session with Kelly Saxon Photography is a truly magical experience. The commitment to safety, attention to detail, and expertise in newborn posing create an environment where your newborn can be captured at their very best. By trusting in the voted best newborn photographer in Nashville, TN, and embracing the journey, you will carry the essence of these early moments with you forever. From the serene studio atmosphere to the heartwarming images, get ready to create memories that will stand the test of time.